The Higgins Bedford

The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum has many exhibitions. The exhibit’s theme can be an artist, date, place, or style. The goal of the museum is to provide the people of Bedford with a variety of art exhibits that cover different themes and techniques. One example of this is how they display different artists’ pieces. There are always different ways that you can experience the art at the museum because each exhibition has an accompanying audio tour that allows you to hear about the artist or see what they are currently working on in their studio.

The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum in Bedford features a wide diversity of art and non-art exhibitions. This local museum has been around for more than 100 years and it’s the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Whether you’re into modern or traditional art, paintings or sculptures, this gallery has something for everyone!

The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum opened in 1895 and was originally known as the Bedford Park House. It was built as a country home for the Third Marquess of Lansdowne, Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, who served as the Governor General of Canada from 1883 to 1888. This elegant house has been restored to its former glory and it now houses a variety of art dating back to ancient civilizations.

The museum is split into four galleries:

  • The Ancient World  features items from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and other countries around that time period. Some interesting artifacts include an Egyptian mummy, vases from Athens and sculptures representing fertility symbols.     
  • South Asia features rare artwork from Indian civilizations.
  • The Modern Gallery houses artwork from the 18th century up until present day, which includes paintings from the Italian Renaissance, impressionism and cubism. This gallery also has a beautiful collection of watercolors made by English painters William Turner and John Constable.
  • Landscapes Near & Far  features paintings of landscapes from England and beyond, including many French post-impressionist works by Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir.   

Not only is the museum a fantastic place to spend a Sunday afternoon but it’s also a working art school! There are workshops for adults who want to learn how to draw or paint as well as children’s classes where they can make their own sculptures out of clay or papier-mâché. There are also children’s workshops specifically for girls to teach them about art in a non-patronizing way, where they can learn how to sketch or use different materials to create their own works of art.   

Thanks to the Higgins Art Gallery & Museum being so diverse, it attracts people from all walks of life and encourages everyone to broaden their horizons when it comes to one’s understanding of art. If you’re ever looking for something new and exciting this Sunday afternoon, head on down to George Street!