Priory Country Park, Bedford

Priory Country Park in Bedford covers an area of 12 acres and it is managed by the Bedford Borough Council. The park was opened in 1994 and it provides excellent recreational opportunities to residents of Bedford. Facilities found within the park includes play areas, sports pitches, football pitches, tennis courts, bowling greens, cricket grounds.

The Priory Country Park in Bedford has a variety of facilities available for use by all visitors. These facilities include play areas, football pitches, tennis courts and bowling greens to name but a few. This beautiful park provides a range of recreational opportunities for those that live within the local area whilst being an excellent space where visitors from further afield can also enjoy a fun day out.

There is a play area with climbing frame and swings which many children will be familiar with as this gives them plenty of opportunity to have fun and release some energy. There is also a skateboard park which provides something different and not commonly found within smaller parks.

There are three football pitches where visitors can play a quick game of football or soccer and netball can be played on one of the five available tennis courts. The bowling green is used for both bowls and tenpin bowling with both sessions running throughout the week.

The cricket pitches are home to a large number of local teams and they play a huge part in the social life of those within the community. The cricket club hosts an annual fireworks display which is well worth going down to see as it really brings the park to life. In addition, there is a cafe which provides food and refreshments for visitors throughout the year.

The Priory Country Park is located in Pulloxhill which is near to Bedford and it provides an ideal space for those that live local as well as those that are visiting from further afield. There really is something within this park for everyone which makes it a great place for all the family to enjoy themselves.

Facilities available include play areas, sports pitches and tennis courts. There is a cafe which provides refreshments during the summer months.

Play areas include a skate park, climbing frame and swings. There are also three football pitches two of which have goalposts at either end and one has been set up for netball. Five tennis courts allow visitors to play a spot of netball or tennis and there is a bowling green for bowls with two sessions per week. Finally, there is a cricket pitch which has five games scheduled each week throughout the season.

Priory Country Park in Bedford is a beautiful place to explore nature. There are many different paths that you can take, including the Priory Path that goes through dense woodland and has large trees. You can also walk around the lake or have a picnic on one of their benches. If you are looking for an escape from city life, this park will be perfect!