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Infection Control Has Been A Central Problem Across The World, Especially Since The 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.

We’ve had several clients contact us with concerns about this topic, some of whom are in much greater need of compliance than others.

Our major clients are:

We have a responsibility to guarantee that these facilities are cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards. When you get a call from a client who needs an ‘environmental clean,’ it only goes to show that our Commercial Cleaning industry is a bigger part of the anti-infection battle than we ever imagined.

Infection Control
Risk management diagram

Environmental Risk Assessments

In the last 15 years, the UK facilities and cleaning sector has been flipped on its head multiple times. According to MTW Research’s 2016 estimate, global contract cleaning market sales would increase by £500 million by 2020, driven by volume and value growth.

In the cleaning industry around 25 years ago, all that was involved in a basic contract was ordering the stock and materials and then cleaning the premises. Now after years of research and with government guidelines, regulations and health and safety, there is so much more to take into consideration. It is imperative to ensure our customers, clients and employees are in a safe and clean environment.

Infection Prevention and Control

Every job will have risks. For example, Care Homes and Social Care settings need to be kept a safe environment and clean environment. We need to consider that social distancing will need to be implemented to stop the spread of infection, and what that means when coming to the deep clean or daily cleaning. Limiting person to person contact and employing reasonable measures is essential.

We also have to consider if any of our employees have Covid-19 symptoms as well as the customers, which means that we have to have access to testing regularly.

Environment Clean

Let’s take, for example, an Environment Clean. Environmental cleaning might range from a single room to an entire health care facility. On the other hand, the preparation is always the same, and all possibilities must be considered.

The cleaning company and its employees understand the value of this clean and how it impacts the people and wider community that use the facility.


Infection Control
  • Within 24 hours after receiving the call, fully trained personnel come in full PPE.
  • All sections are sealed off and ventilated when they enter the site, and work begins.
  • The team thoroughly cleans the space and everything in it with the proper sanitisers, guaranteeing complete coverage of the area and everything in it. (Cleaning everything is the only way to ensure that this occurs.)
  • Nothing is overlooked, and everything in the area is double cleaned ; this ensures that we have completely covered a certain region.
  • PPE, as well as disposable equipment, is changed regularly and placed in quarantine. The safety signs are removed at this stage, and the area is returned to the customer.

The Importance of A Healthy Environment

What influence does this have on the medical profession and patients beyond the range of cleaning services?

According to a Physicians Foundation report from 2018, a physician can see up to 20 people every day. The impact on patients is immeasurable, and we must guarantee that cleanliness and hygiene are delivered in a safe and timely way while posing no risk to our coworkers.

We think that when cleaning, we are responsible for the safety of others and keeping community transmission extremely low.

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Office Cleaning Services, Commercial Office Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Services London
Office Cleaning Services, Commercial Office Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Services London
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Strong Reputation

We get our strong reputation from preparation and responsibility. Which, in our opinion, are the keys to giving this high level of service.

We must assume full responsibility for the services we provide as an outsourced cleaning company.

You don’t get a second opportunity when it comes to cleaning in the medical field. As a result, each job must be completed to the greatest level. Administrative measures should be implemented, and employees must be properly taught and prepared for these occurrences.

Every day, the NHS Frontline Health in the United Kingdom is scrutinised. Hour after hour, our healthcare heroes labour at a high degree of constancy. The same is necessary and expected of a cleaning company, particularly in the Healthcare Sector.

Perhaps other industries that formerly dismissed the cleaning business and cleaning operatives, in general, are reconsidering their positions.

Cleaning is no more a silent service but rather an important aspect of our daily life as the world changes.

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