EV Charging Point
Hygiene Management



Visual inspection

A cleaning service created to support a
greener and cleaner world


Part of Sector Support Services Group

  • Sector Support Services is owned by industry veteran Tony Scozzari, who changed career paths to launch an innovative new commercial cleaning service. Tony is also the proud owner, since August 2021, of a Patent Certificate received for ‘A cleaning apparatus’.
  • Sector Support Services understands that not all businesses have the same cleaning requirements. Even businesses within the same industry will have varying needs, which is why the company is always looking into future projects, perfectly tailored to each organizational mission and vision.

Because we care about a cleaner and greener future

  • Sector Support Services Group values social and environmental involvement in fighting for a better future.
  • Electric vehicle industry plays a massive role in saving the world. What EVPOINT SOLUTIONS LTD proposes is that we all work together to make sure that the public safety in regard to clean and hygiene Electric Vehicle Chargers is not been overlooked.

We understand how fast moving this industry is and that adaptability is key, thus
EVPOINT SOLUTIONS LTD plans to offer a cleaning service and inspection of Electric Vehicle Charging Points in early 2022.

Our aim is to keep the Electric Vehicle Charging Points clean and sanitised,
especially the sensitive areas such as touch screen, cable and connector.




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