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 We carry out daily high-level Terminal
cleaning Services for:

We provide Terminal cleaning solutions and medical cleaning services throughout the UK. Our services are ideal for hospitals, dentists, doctors and other clinical buildings that require deep and intense cleans.

Our routine deep and terminal cleaning covers:

We are also able to carry out decontamination cleans using ULV fogging equipment and industry recommended disinfectant. This service is useful in schools, care homes and medical centres where there has been a viral or bacterial outbreak including norovirus, MRSA and COVID-19.

Our cleaners are trained in the correct cleaning procedures set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to maintain strict hygiene standards and to prevent the spread of infection on medical premises.

All of our Staff:


Health & Safety Assured Cleaning Services

As a commercial cleaning company, we understand the health and safety of staff, patients and the general public is absolutely paramount.

Our cleaning staff are highly trained, fully vetted and 100% compliant with cleaning products, equipment and health and safety measures.

We ensure rigorous training and assessment of all our staff across the UK.

Our team of professional cleaners are highly trained and fully compliant with the latest safety regulations and best practices. All our cleaning equipment and the work we carry out is accredited by the Federation of Master Cleaners, AHCP and incensu.

We also cover veterinary centres, chiropractic clinics, holistic therapy centres and more. We are also able to provide specialist cleaning services for contamination and sanitation cleaning requirements.


Chiropractic Clinics​

Holistic Therapy Centres​

If you would like to know more about our GP surgery and clinic cleaning services speak with one of our cleaning operatives for more information. Find out how we can help you achieve a high standard of infection control and deep cleaning.

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