Bromham Lake, Bedford

Bromham Lake is a freshwater lake located in the Bedford district of England. It is about 10 kilometers south of Bedford, close to Wilstead and Wootton. The lake has an area of approximately 230 hectares and gets its name from the village of Bromham which sits on its north shore.

The lake is equipped with private fishing rights and fishing can be done at any time with a valid permit. There are 3 day permits available for purchase and these provide access to all fishing areas of the lake for one day. These can be purchased from the tackle shop near the car park at the entrance to the reserve on Manor Road, or by post or email from TPRE Fishing for £7.50 per day (£5 concession rate). Permits may be purchased directly from the fishing shop (The Tackle Place) on Manor Road or alternatively can be purchased online here:

There are 2 types of permits available, full and concessionary. A concessionary permit is available if you are disabled in some way, this can be done through your doctor or specialist with proof that you are entitled to one. If the fish caught on the lake with a permit would go over 500g then an angler has to join the club at £30 per annum (£15 concessionary rate) if they wish to keep them. This ensures that fish are returned to the lake for others to enjoy.

The lake is well known for its large carp which get up to very big sizes, with specimens of around 30lb being caught on a frequent basis. The record carp from the lake stands at 60lbs 4 ozs and was caught in 1991 by Ted Kingsnorth of Kempston.

The water here supports a variety of bird life. Sightings of birds such as cormorants and tufted ducks, both of which spend much of their time in water, can be viewed here. This area is also home to amphibian and reptile populations. Other than the wildlife contentment at this location, Bromham Lake has been used for research purposes in terms of natural sciences and environmental management since the 1960s. Whilst it is unclear when exactly the lake’s construction was completed, it could be assumed that this reservoir was in use by 1964, which would make it fifty years old in 2014.

This site has been identified as having ‘local importance’ by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The trust also state that Bromham Lake can be used by naturalists on nature walks.

The reservoir is on the edge of the town of Bromham, where it is situated in a tranquil woodland setting. The lake comprises an area of approximately one hectare (2.47 acres). It is possible to walk around this site on a pathway which goes between two mill ponds, with some benches provided for visitors to rest on. The paths are defined but due to the grassy nature of the area, are quite bumpy. Dogs are allowed to be walked in the area but must remain under their owner’s control at all times.

It’s a beautiful summer day and you’re looking for somewhere to go. You don’t want the hustle and bustle of the city, but you also don’t want to be stuck in your house all day. Fortunately, Bedford has got just what you need with Bromham Lake! The lake is situated right on the border of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire so it offers an opportunity to get outdoors whilst still having easy access back home.