BeWILDerwood Norfolk

The BeWilderwood Norfolk is a place where you can go to have fun and be an explorer for the day or week. You can journey through the forest, learn more about how it works, and take a break from life as we know it. There are classes that will teach you more about nature and there are hiking trails that will give you access to everything this beautiful place has to offer. It’s a place that will make those who visit want to leave with a smile on their face-what’s not to love?

BeWilderwood Norfolk is located on the outskirts of Loddon and is a natural forested area with some trails through the woods. It’s located on private land, but has been owned by various organisations: it first existed as common land used for grazing and then was bought by the Woodland Trust (who manage an international program called Woodland’s 5000). The land was then leased to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust who manage it on behalf of the Woodland Trust.

It contains some areas which are more like traditional forests but also has open glades, with scattered trees which would have grown up after agricultural use ceased. These glades are now being coppiced and will be allowed to succeed back into woodland. There are also areas of scrub, bramble and bracken, but these have been thinned out in recent years allowing the glades to move back in.

There are some waymarked trails around the reserve with information boards about the wildlife that can be seen along them. A 2 km trail runs through the Normanby woods, a 2.5 km trail runs through the glades and there’s also a 3km route which loops around the various different areas.

The wood is rich in folklore with many ghostly walkers being sighted along its paths at night, but this is probably just due to its supernatural beauty! The woodland has many different species of trees and plants including oak, goat willow, silver birch and ash.

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area in BeWILDerwood Norfolk is one of these special places where trees seem so perfectly placed. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re surrounded by the green tones and the sounds of nature. People who enjoy a more natural setting will find that this is a great place to go for an outing or to do some hiking. Bring your own food and drinks, make sure to take out everything you bring in, and get ready to be immersed in something special.